Allowlisting & Blocklisting (Legacy)

Use this setting to specify the URL(s) that your modal should or should not appear on.

From your Voyage Dashboard:

  1. Click List Building in the menu on the left
  2. Create a NEW [modal] LIST BUILDING CAMPAIGN or edit an existing modal
  3. Under SETTINGS, scroll down and click on the Blocklist / Allowlist Pages header to expand the drawer
  4. Enter your allowlist or blocklist parameters and click SAVE.

As an example, the parameters in the screenshot below would mean the modal appears:

  1. on all pages with the "?voyage=yes" parameter
  2. and on


Additionally, you can allow or prevent a modal from appearing based on UTM parameters.

  • For example, if the intention is to block the Voyage modal on any page where the URL contains:


  • You would add this to the Blocklist:


  • And the modal will not appear on URLs like this:


Note: if you'd like the modal to only appear on the homepage, add "/" to the Allowlist