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Connect with Junip to trigger review request Drips and build customized segments from new reviews created by your subscribers.

Setting up the Junip integration

1. Head over to the Integrations section of our platform and find "Junip" in our list of partners.

2. Click the toggle to enable the integration.

3. To successfully activate the integration, get in touch with your Junip Client Success Manager.

Using the Junip integration

Once you've successfully activated your Junip integration, you'll be able to create Drips based on the following triggers:

  • Review created

  • Order targeted by campaign

  • Order fulfilled

Review created

This trigger will kick off a Drip when a subscriber leaves a review. You can use this to thank subscribers or offer them a gift (e.g. discount code).

Order targeted by campaign

This trigger is activated by Junip's campaign builder. When you create a campaign audience within Junip, you can send it to Voyage as a trigger instead of sending the review request email from Junip.

Order fulfilled

This trigger will kick off a Drip when a subscriber's order is fulfilled. You can use this to manage the post purchase experience and request subscribers to leave a review of the product they purchased.

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