Company & Industry terms

Brands/Clients/Tenants - Businesses who work with Voyage for SMS

Double opt-In - A soft requirement for SMS marketing where a customer opts-in to receive text messages, providing consent twice. The first consent is by clicking a button on a modal window and the second consent is replying ‘Y’ to join the text list. Note: other than via custom keyed entry, single opt-in is an acceptable form of opt-in compliance.

Voyage app/dashboard/console/admin - These terms are used interchangeably to refer to the Voyage application where you can manage your text messages, setting, metrics, and much more. You will be provided with admin user logins after being on-boarded by your Voyage account manager.

Customer terms

Mobile users - Any person who uses a mobile device to interact with your brand, whether or not they have visited your site or have purchased your products.

Visitors - “Potential” customers who visit your site, either via mobile or desktop browsers.

Consumers - Any general person who MAY make a purchase from you (i.e. the general population of mobile users).

Customers - People who have made a purchase from you (the brand).

Subscribers - Mobile users who have opted-in for SMS text messages.

Member/Brand member - Customers who are members of our client’s subscription-based product.

Marketing campaign terms

Audience building/List building - Both terms are used interchangeably in the industry to refer to the process of converting mobile users into subscribers.

Campaign - A one-time message to subscribers, usually related to a sale or event.

Drip - A specific set of messages sent over a controlled period of time to retain, engage, and convert subscribers.

Flow - A series of back-n-forth messages between a brand (by Voyage) and customers, usually related to the double-opt in requirements.

Segment - A subset of your customers, based on a particular filter (e.g., ‘under-30 females’, ‘single-purchase customers’).

Modal - A pop-up window that draws a user’s attention to specific text or images, used in this context to ask for a customer’s email or phone number for marketing outreaches.

Message segment - Text messages are still sent in 140 byte chunks known as message segments. See our ‘Billing’ section for more details and/or read this article for more information on how carriers determine message segment count.