How do I set up my Shopify Store to be compliant?

By following a few best practices, you can remain compliant.

Configure your Shopify checkout to ensure we can text your customers while adhering to compliance standards.

Configure Your Checkout

  1. From your Shopify Admin, go to Settings → Checkout. Scroll down until you see Customer contact, and change "To check out" to "Customers can only check out using email"
  2. Now, scroll down until you see Form options, and change "Shipping address phone number" to "Optional".
  3. Next, scroll to the bottom of the page until you see Checkout language, and click on the "Manage checkout language" button.
  4. In the top navigation bar, select "Checkout & system", scroll down until you see Checkout contact. Once you've found it, scroll down until you see the Phone label and Optional phone label.
  5. In both "Phone label" and "Optional phone label", type in:
"Phone - Receive offers and shopping cart reminders via text message"

6. After you've updated both labels, make sure to confirm your changes. Click Save in the top right corner.

7. Go to your checkout page to verify the changes were successful. It should look like this:

8. You're all set! We are ready to start texting your customers.


*Opt-out Process Compliance: You should consult with your legal counsel to ensure that your opt-out process is compliant with applicable law and consistent with industry standards.