How do I use Segmentation?

Create a smarter and more personalized LiveRecover sales program using Segmentation.

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With Segmentation, you use data directly from Shopify to build smart segments to create specific offers, exclusions, and other variations to send more personalized messaging.

Here are some useful bits of information and tips on how to use the Segmentation feature to optimize LiveRecover for your brand.

Set Specific Segmentation Conditions

Each additional rule follows an “AND” condition. This means that all rules added will need to match the behavior/attributes of the customer. These segmentations do not have a “OR” condition at the current moment.

Some additional ways to create segments are by setting conditions around products, promotion values, cart values, shipping and referring sites.

Exclude Certain Customers from Discounts

Segments can be set up to fully exclude certain customers from receiving a discount. All you need to do is create your segment, then select "Exclude this cart" in the Action section.

Set Specific Time Parameters

Segments can be scheduled to automatically end after a certain period of time or paused manually. Under the Period section, fill in the dates you’d like the segmentation to send and click “Save”.

If you have any additional questions or need help setting up a segment, please reach out to us via chat or email