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Klaviyo Integration

Import Klaviyo campaign and flows metrics data to send more tailored SMS campaigns. Create dual SMS and/or email modals with a Klaviyo CTA to build your list.

Note: this integration will only work if you have an active Shopify integration enabled unless you provide us with a list of consumers for which you have both phone number and email. If you have this file, please email it to us at service@voyagesms.com.

Setting up the Klaviyo integration

Video link here

Note: if you'd like a custom SMS lead capture modal with Klaviyo email capture integrated, shoot us an email.

Or follow these steps if you prefer not to watch a video:

  1. Open Klaviyo
  2. Click on your company name in the top right, select Account
  3. Click the Settings tab jus below that, select API Keys
  4. Under Private API Key, click the eye icon to show your API key
    1. NOTE: if you don't already have an API key set up in Klaviyo, click the "Create Private API Key >" button to create one
  5. Copy the API Key
  6. Open the Voyage app
  7. On the Integrations page, scroll down to Klaviyo
  8. Click Activate
  9. Paste the API Key into the API Token field
  10. Click NEXT


You can leverage the Klaviyo / Voyage integration in the following ways:

  • Subscribe consumers to Klaviyo via a Voyage modal
  • Segment one-time campaigns based on Klaviyo user metrics in email Campaigns and Flows such as "has received"/ "has opened" / "has clicked on" campaign"
  • Pull in Klaviyo lists as Voyage segmentation attributes

Considerations when using the Klaviyo integration

One of the pivotal challenges regarding the interplay between email and SMS is identity matching. At the top of funnel, depending on your mobile list building approach, you often do not have both email and phone number (required for SMS) for any given consumer. In this way, the email / SMS integration is limited by the depth of identity data you have. When a brand has both email and phone number data, email and SMS data can be leveraged in segmentation and as trigger events for drips.