List Building - User Guide

This guide details the List Building dashboard within the Voyage app. The faster you build your subscriber list, the quicker the path to purchase conversion. Here's how to use the List Building dashboard.

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The Opt-In Flow

Customer sign-up actions will open a text message with a pre-populated opt-in message. 

Examples of sign-up actions:

  • Texting a keyword to a brand's phone number (short code)
  • Clicking a sign-up button on a modal/button with a CTA ("Tap to Redeem", "Sign Up Here")
  • Typing in their phone number into a keyed in entry field
Next hitting the send arrow sends the opt-in message to initiate the welcome flow.

The Welcome Flow

  • 1st message: Enrollment Confirmation Message. Required for compliance to the Telecom Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)
  • 2nd message: Welcome Message. Unlocks the incentive and confirms subscription.
  • Sign-up is now compliant and complete











Click on the List Building icon in your app.

The dashboard contains your overall and detailed listing building metrics, opt-in method creation and opt-in method management.

  • Date Range Filter: dropdown of filters for all dashboard metrics
  • AB testing toggle for pop-up modals
  • Toggle to activate list building flows
  • Modal preview: eyelet button to view your modals as they would appear live
  • Edit Modal or Flows (click 3 dots):

    1. Edit Modal - to upload or change modal HTML and settings
    2. Edit Flow - access to the message composer


  • The top bar of the dashboard contains a summary of the total performance of all list building methods within the date range selected.

  • The button will export your metrics to a CSV file, according to the date range selection. 
  • The table contains detailed campaign level metrics 

Read more details and definitions on Data and Analytics


Create a List Building Campaign

There are a variety of list building options at Voyage. Your primary list building tactics will be a modal (pop-up). 

Note: If your modal is already setup or in progress and you are looking to revise your welcome flow, skip ahead to The Message Composer

Opt-In Routes

These are the various subscriber collection methods available, one or all of these could already be setup in your account or in process of being setup:  

  1. Click on the new list building campaign icon.
  2. Select your campaign type and enter your campaign name

    1. Modal (pop-up) on mobile or desktop. Capture options: SMS only, Email or SMS, Email and SMS
    2. Keyword Campaigns: used in external content or channels
    3. Social Media: Instagram (IG) Swipe-Up, Mobile static link (Tap to Subscribe)
    4. Opt-In at Checkout
    5. Embeddable Button: only available on mobile
    6. Keyed-In Entry: recommended on desktop
If your modal is already created and you are looking to edit or create your welcome flow in the message composer, simply click the 3 dots and select "Edit Flow" to enter the message composer. Skip ahead to The Message Composer.

Note: If you'd like to setup a mobile or desktop modal. Please contact

The Message Composer

The final step for all list building campaigns is the creation of the welcome flow in the message composer.

Welcome Flow Messages


Field Description
Opt-in Message* Creates automated text message from a sign-up action. Customer hits send to start welcome flow.
Already Subscribed Message Sends only when a sign-up has previously occurred. Prevents the customer from receiving the additional messages in the welcome flow.
Enrollment Confirmation Message Sends with each message to abide by TCPA compliance. Allows users to opt-out anytime or ask for help.
Welcome Message Welcomes the user to SMS, typically features the incentive for sign-up or a friendly message

*If you would like to revise the Opt-In Message, please contact The HTML for the modal will have to be revised.

Links and Images

  • Links should always be included. You have the option to use discount code in links to automatically apply at checkout.

    Note: all welcome flow links will be shortened to https://vyg.mob/xyz1234

  • Images can be added here.



Double Opt-In Toggle

There are 2 variations of opt-in flows due to TCPA compliance and it depends on the opt-in route selected.

The double opt-in toggle requires an extra step to receive consent for sign-up. Customers must reply "Y" to receive text alerts.



Compliance and Double Opt-Ins

  • All sign-up methods require a double opt-in for compliance if the standard compliance is not included in the initial CTA.
  • The only exception is for desktop (modals or sign-ups) and when using keyed in entry - where both a double opt-in and the standard compliance language are required.
Standard Compliance Language: "By joining via text message, you agree to receive recurring marketing messages from [brand name] at the mobile number used to send the join text message. Msg & data rates may apply. Msg frequency is recurring. Consent is not a condition of any purchase. Text STOP to unsubscribe, HELP for help. View Terms & Privacy ".


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