Grow your eCommerce brand NOW by utilizing Voyage's opt-in integration with Privy.

To follow along, you'll need to have already created a Voyage Dual-Tap Anywhere list building campaign. You will also need an active Privy account, and at least one Build-your-own type campaign. Follow along to modify that campaign to include Voyage's code.

(Note, you cannot modify "Privy Plays" type campaigns to include the Voyage code.)

In your Privy account, click on the Convert main menu item [1], and select All Campaigns [2]. Find the campaign you want to modify and click on it [3]:Navigate-to-Campaign-in-Privy



Click on the Create tab with the paintbrush icon [1], then look for Design [2] and click on Click to edit... [3]:Click-to-Edit-Design-Updated



Expand the Add element option [1] and click on Add html [2]. This will allow you to paste in the code that you can find in our article on the Voyage Dual-Tap Anywhere opt-in. Save your campaign [3] and publish it:Add-HTML-to-Privy

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