Twilio Custom Short Code


If you prefer to use Voyage with an existing short code you own and are using Twilio as your CPaaS, please read below on how Voyage can integrate with your Twilio account.

Note: Clients on a Voyage shared short code (e.g., 710-23) or dedicated short code do not need a Twilio account.

Option #1: Transfer short code ownership to Voyage

Voyage will create a ticket with the Twilio Support team to initiate the move from your Twilio account to the Voyage Twilio account. Your team will need to file an identical support request (which we will provide you) from your Twilio account. See here on Twilio’s website for more details.

When this is recommended: if you would like to use Voyage as your dedicated SMS platform for all types of messages (i.e., promotional and transactional).

Note: We will pass through the short code ownership cost on your Voyage invoice.

Option #2: Add Voyage as a user to your existing Twilio account

Voyage will generate API keys to integrate your Twilio account and short code with our platform. We will also point your webhooks back to the Voyage app.

When this is recommended: if you prefer to use Twilio directly for certain types of non-promotional messages (i.e., transactional) and Voyage for promotional messages.