As a customer obsessed company, we regularly release features to keep improving your experience with Voyage.

Voyage 5.5.0

Oct 25, 2021

  • Local time zone sending for campaigns
  • Follow-up campaigns
  • Performance reports 
  • New custom attribute types 
  • Search bar added to stats tables
  • Image compressor added to List Building
  • Segments page refresh
  • Drips builder UX improvements
  • General UX improvements
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Voyage 5.4.0

Oct 18, 2021

  • Major improvements to SMS deliverability 
  • Significant performance updates
  • General UX improvements
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Voyage 5.3.0

Sep 30, 2021

  • BigCommerce integration
  • Admin/user functionality updates
  • Image compressor added to Contact Card
  • Campaign Calendar UX improvements
  • Drips builder UX improvements
  • General UX improvements
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Voyage 5.2.0

Aug 24, 2021

  • Campaign Calendar 
  • Enhanced Canada support
  • Ability to segment subscribers based on time zone
  • Image compressor added to message composer
  • UTM checkbox added to message composer
  • Updates to Modal HTML editor functionality
  • Trigger Filters UX improvements
  • Contact Card UX improvements
  • Click To Buy UX improvements
  • Updated text formatting across platform
  • General UX improvements
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Voyage 5.1.0

Jul 30, 2021

  • Drips Trigger Filters
  • Modal HTML editor
  • Out of stock logic for Drips
  • Ability to send campaigns to multiple segments
  • Ability to segment subscribers based on country
  • Improved behavior for editing URL tags
  • Improved behavior for editing Dynamic Variables
  • Drips builder UX improvements
  • Message composer UX improvements
  • General UX improvements
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Voyage 5.0

Jul 2, 2021

  • Live Conversions
  • Message composer refresh
  • Canada support for Modals
  • Canada support for List Building 
  • Ability to support soft integrations
  • Stats table UX improvements
  • Drips builder UX improvements
  • Product titles displayed on Click To Buy tags
  • Updated A/B testing logic for Drips
  • General UX improvements
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements

Voyage 4.21.0

Jun 23, 2021

  • Contact Card functionality
  • Fuzzy opt-out behavior
  • Test messaging for Drips
  • Ability to add multiple phone numbers for test sends
  • Fixes to missing URL pop-up logic
  • Updated UI for swapping messages in a Drip flow
  • Improved opt-out behavior
  • New logic for inbound messages from numbers that aren't subscribed
  • Deprecated legacy test sending functionality

  • Security updates
  • Improvements to app performance
  • General UX improvements

Voyage 4.20.0

Jun 3, 2021

  • Better support for dedicated and shared phone numbers
  • "Save as draft" button fix

  • Fixed issues related to segment counts
  • "Unattributed" row added to message-level statistics
  • "[Test]" added to beginning of all test messages
  • Updated "Account" page in Settings
  • Warning pop-up added for segments with zero count

  • Updated icons in Settings

  • Warning pop-up added for messages with missing URL's

  • Improvements to app performance
  • General UX improvements

Voyage 4.19.0

May 18, 2021

  • Message level statistics
  • ReSci integration

  • Constant Contact integration

  • Significant database upgrades
  • "Attributes" added to Dynamic Variables
  • Message composer refactoring
  • Ability to sort campaigns by metrics
  • Number of subscribers shown when creating one-time campaigns

  • Inventory levels added to Click To Buy

  • "Reporting" moved to navigation bar

  • Improvements to app performance
  • General UX improvements

Voyage 4.18.0

Apr 26, 2021

  • Dynamic Click To Buy
  • Image uploader added to Modal Builder
  • Shopify Customer Tags added to Segmentation Builder
  • Updates to Click To Buy architecture
  • Keyword search fixed to support all characters
  • Fixed daylight savings issues

  • Updated icons, tiles, and buttons
  • Save as Draft button hidden for live Drips 
  • Short name removed from message box
  • Dynamic Tags updated to handle fallback values in message preview
  • Future date selection added to Segmentation Builder
  • Improvements to app performance
  • General UX improvements

Voyage 4.17.0

Mar 17, 2021

  • Subscriber reports
  • Click To Buy added to Drips
  • Preview function for Drips
  • Order Number added as dynamic variable to Drips
  • Dynamic variable grouping and Coupon support
  • Fixed date format for monthly data in Dashboard

  • More accurate error messaging when editing Modals
  • Ability to archive draft List Building campaigns
  • Dynamic link formatting in List Building

  • Updated Subscribers stats on List Building page and Dashboard
  • Improvements to app performance
  • General UX improvements

Voyage 4.16.0

Feb 26, 2021

  • Custom Events - You can now pass any event to Voyage for Drips and Segmentation

  • Zendesk integration

  • Click To Buy 1.1
  • Fallback variables for {{ dynamic tags

  • "All Time" option on dashboard chart

  • Add Recharge Webhook - Upcoming Charge

  • FE UX Styling Updates - List Building Creation Flow

  • Rebrand CTAs and Toggles Globally

  • Update endpoint for managing events (Post/Put/Delete)

  • Fix error on Keyword campaign creation flow

  • List Building - Hide campaign after archiving

  • Improve App Performance

  • Update Subscribers stat on list building page and dashboard

  • General UX improvements

Voyage 4.15.0

Feb 5, 2021

  • Modal Text Editor 1.0
  • Drips - Don't Re-enter Drip Series Within X Days
  • Dynamic Coupon Codes
  • Drip Recipe - Improved Message Copy
  • Improved Modal Allowlist/Blocklist UX and pattern matching
  • Add Unique Clicks and Revenue column on list building page 
  • Adding Users in Settings
  • Date Range Dropdown UX improvements
  • Show new segment name in the campaigns table

  • Drips UX improvements

  • General app UX improvements
  • Improved message character calculator in composer
  • List Building listing menu over modals

  • Fix LinkTransformation concatenation with trailing slashes 

  • Drips - Add "Missing something? option in events that links to hubspot article

  • Update stop message text to exclude trailing comma from tenant name

  • Add subscriber state validation on Transactional AB Checkout Campaigns

  • Updated sidebar nav colors

  • FE UX Styling Updates - Global & Dashboard Page

  • Premade Segments for New Customers

  • Remove the "Create Automated Message" button from Automated Page. Migrating to Drips

  • Adding clone button for keyword campaigns

  • Rename 'Any' to 'Select All Current and Future Campaigns' in segment attribute dropdown

  • Klaviyo/Recharge Performance Improvement

Voyage 4.14.0

Jan 20, 2021

  • Added new event category dropdown to Segmentation and Trigger events for Drips
  • Revised Message previews to be consistent across the application
  • Improved List Building - Overview page performance
  • Updated list building nomenclature to reduce confusion
  • Added new Tracking tab to the Settings page
  • Improve speed and reliability of Klaviyo integration
  • Introduction of Pre-Loaded Segment and List Building campaigns data
  • Added Clone button for One-Time campaigns, Drip campaigns, and Modals
  • Added new functionality for Modal events to Voyage Global tag
  • Removed the restriction on Keyword opt-in character length
  • Resolved small bugs with One-Time and Drip campaign settings
  • Improved naming in Segmentation for Shopify
  • Improved scheduling, sending and drips infrastructure
  • Improve Voyage Global Tag performance

Voyage 4.13.0

Jan 7, 2021

What's New

  • Fix scheduled time not persisting in draft campaign
  • Update CSV File Changes for Drips
  • Improve Date Range Filters on All Dashboards
  • Add Dynamic Coupon Codes functionality
  • Add Ability to Segment by Product Catalog in Drips
  • Improve error messaging for One Time Campaigns
  • Fix multi-select option in segment builder is not working
  • Update columns for List Building table on Dashboard
  • Show user friendly error message for duplicate campaign name while editing List Building campaign name
  • Fix Campaign Date Range selection on overview pages
  • Upgrade core infrastructure of the Event Tracking API
  • Remove All-Time option on the Dashboard charts
  • Add Automated Tenant Creation
  • Improve Drips event tracking integrity
  • Add event category dropdown to segmentation and trigger events
  • Small cosmetic tweaks to the UI
  • Improve image validation for One-Time campaigns
  • Add Select All to Keyword dropdown in One-Time Campaign Audience
  • Updated Archived Segments table to be collapsed by default
  • Remove "Beta" tag from Drips sidebar and header
  • Shopify Integration UI/UX Improvements
  • Fix missing subscriber's count preview for one time campaign
  • Deprecate legacy events available in segmentation and drips
  • Modify session timeout duration to 24 hours for all users

Voyage 4.12.0

Dec 7, 2020

What's New

  • Resolve issues with messages in Drips queue sent status update
  • Fix schedule time toggle is not available
  • Resolve issues with Modal AB Testing on multiple sessions
  • Fix audience selection not persisting for one-time campaign
  • Add 'carts/create' webhook to Drips
  • Rename 'segments' attribute to 'AB Testing'
  • Update Message Segment Character Count Logic
  • Resolve issue with 'Welcome Message or Offer Link' not being saved
  • Support Product Viewed trigger event on any platform
  • Resolve UX of Integrations Status and Connected
  • Add Order Cancelled event for Shopify integration
  • Improve duplicate message prevention in Drips
  • Fix dashboard custom date range toggle not working properly
  • Add Order refunded event
  • Prevent user of Inactive Tenant from login
  • Removing image attachment from draft campaign is not working
  • Deprecate and remove Legacy Settings components
  • Fix edit tenant for partners via the tenant edit page
  • Resolve Segment count for Drips when toggling between options
  • Fix issues with publish step for Desktop and Mobile Modals
  • Add Hubspot Article to Metrics Labels
  • Fix sidebar footer overlap with small vertical height window
  • Add ability to reorder Drip message and delay blocks
  • Fix backspace on the last integer in Drip delay
  • Revise tool tip copy on the Import Attributes from CSV page
  • Resolve draft campaign edit is not working
  • Fix clicking 'Save Draft' on an active drip
  • Adding Opt-in event for Voyage
  • Rename Public Guid Label to Client ID in the Settings page
  • Track purchases to last click
  • Implement Cross Domain Tracking for clients with subdomains
  • Install Appcues

Voyage 4.11.0

Nov 10, 2020

What's New

  • Hide Segment Counter from the Drip Campaign message composer
  • Webhook refactor with mediator pattern
  • Remove timestamped cache keys for one time campaign and automated campaign
  • Hide all (legacy) events from NEW segments and drips
  • Drips - Prevent users from getting re-added into drip they a
  • Update snackbar message after drip successful drip creation
  • Customers like using emojis in texts
  • Update tenant list table
  • Added error validation on Campaign Name step for Drips
  • Premade Recipes for Drips
  • Add ReCharge webhook events - Became subscriber
  • Drips - Add validation to not allow 0 delay
  • Fix width of Campaigns Page table to support non-breaking Campaign titles
  • Update tooltip for Image Specifications
  • Units Tests for Create New Tenant and Unit Tests Refactor.
  • Fixed issue in drip campaign creation test
  • Add Shopify webhook events - - Order shipped
  • Swagger is not working in test environment
  • Drips - Missing Events Mystery (Abandoned Cart)
  • Made whole field date picker field clickable in schedule date
  • Add website URL field in tenant settings page

Voyage 4.10.0

Nov 3, 2020

What's New

  • Migrate import processes (lambdas) to AWS Batch
  • Drips - Checkout event comming after order complete
  • Implement Error Boundaries
  • Fixing issue on drips event publisher
  • Adding DDL for drip_queue table
  • Dynamic merge tags not available in message composer
  • Klaviyo lists are pulled incorrectly
  • Update SegmentBuilder to perform null checks on blockGroups items
  • Resolve issue with null segment data causing FE to crash on Drips edit
  • Fixed issue with "since starting this drip" segment block
  • Message builder: add copy to tooltip about dynamic variables
  • Fix message template being overwritten.
  • Update to fix scheduled times for prescheduled messages in…
  • Update integations process
  • Updates to drip trigger events and metadata
  • Drips - Create additional drip state for Campaign cancelled…
  • Users would like to see how many subscribers fit a certain …
  • Sanitize Shopify segment attribute display names in segment builder
  • Log client-side errors from ErrorBoundary to ELK
  • Shortcode not displayed for tenants
  • Hide Segment Counter from the Drip Campaign message composer

Voyage 4.9.0

Oct 23, 2020

What's New

  • Changed custom event endpoint to support any top level event
  • Company Tenant Shortener URL value does not save when setting up a new tenant
  • Drips - Create send lambda logic for drips
  • Add "Presubscribed" column in List Building CSV exports and update "Type" column
  • Browse Abandonment Messages - Removed all references of event sub type and added logging
  • Patching API for unsupported campaign types
  • Add logging Elasticsearch/Kibana logging to API
  • Drips - Create segment block "since starting this drip"
  • Gorgias Integration
  • Drips - Backend Integration and Tests
  • Remove check of API optin from UI as we are always goin…
  • Add EcEvent Segment Query Block
  • Remove source maps from staging and production bundling of Voyage GTM js
  • Add hidden log level switch for tracking API
  • Update Shopify last import date on import call
  • Fix invalid password response messaging at Login
  • Add skeleton loader instead of showing zero in segment count during load
  • Fix GetCampaignShortenerAndTenantSendSettings query
  • Drips - Drips Campaign Listing
  • Activating a modal triggers a 'Are you sure?' warning t…
  • One time campaign can not be created
  • Add logging to integrations API
  • Drips - UX Tweaks based on final review
  • Drips Implementation
  • Fix for upsert of pending queue item
  • Trim tenant name during insertion
  • Update app-wide doc links and remove email from sidebar
  • Remove status change from segmentation builder / replace signs up
  • Add Drips as campaign type option to campaign segmentation block
  • Add date operators to campaign segmentation event blocks
  • Fixed issues related to drip campaign update
  • [Drips] Add shopping cart update precessor
  • Add .Net Core 3.1 as requirement
  • Seeing two [Voyage] placed order events in segmentation
  • Add all trigger events per Notion Knowledge Base document and edit display names
  • ec_event being created with non-tenant subscriber
  • Don't show trigger or segmentation events for services user don't have integrated
  • Segmentation criteria gets lost from UI when you go back from middle step
  • Added support for changing drip campaign state
  • Fixed drip campaign edit issue
  • Change to Drip campaign created successfully on confirmation screen
  • Add toggle to Drips overview page to deactivate drip
  • Drips - Save Image for MMS at campaign creation and display it edit mode.
  • Implement logic where deactivating Drip stops all messages from going out associated with said Drip
  • Drips Updates [Product Team]
  • Abandon Browse Event - EventType for abandon browse event is not the expected.
  • Adding logic for update message counter
  • Changing Cancel icon in One Time Campaigns
  • Drips - Days of the week should be Allowed unless unselected
  • Add API warmup query for startup
  • Implement Error Boundaries
  • Update voyage.js script to auto post product event data
  • Resolve issue with null segment data causing FE to crash on Drips edit
  • Update Terms and Privacy Policy links
  • Drips - When select "Use Product Image" is not sending message

Voyage 4.8.0

Sept 30, 2020

What's New

  • Klaviyo Integration
  • Create SQS Lambda process for Integrations
  • Add Flows metrics data from Klaviyo
  • Voyage script injection to Shopify store theme file
  • Add validation to One-Time Campaign URL field to prevent links
  • Update validation for One-Time Campaign URL field to allow hash fragments with symbols
  • Shopify Integration - Fix In Progress Label issue
  • Consolidate phone number normalization functions and test thoroughly
  • Shopify Import Process - Fix for large customers collections
  • Add HubSpot tracking code and remove Zendesk
  • Update Terms template
  • Update tenant creation process to enable brands with less than 5-6 letters
  • Implement Google Analytics into the Voyage application
  • Add ability to paste text into List Building Edit Flow input fields
  • Normalize phone number method ignore first digit when is 1
  • Update Unit Test folder and fix merge style typing error
  • Refactor "new_api" rewrite from the client-side requests to b…
  • Created end point for drips 2.x campaign
  • Updated Klaviyo Import process to match email
  • Remove super admin only restriction from tenant settings
  • Add warning flag to unsubscribe function in settings for phone numbers that have already been unsubscribed
  • Drips - Backend Integration and Tests
  • Create four segment groups (Group A, Group B, Group C and G)
  • Instagram Swipe-Up Campaign Bug
  • Resolved issues related to event insertion
  • Segments List Null exception
  • Lambda Bulk Insert - Added missing dependencies
  • Drips - Create send lambda logic for drips
  • Unable to create List Building Campaign due to Modal Preview error

Voyage 4.7.0

Sept 14, 2020

What's New

  • Wrong message after Campaign Creation
  • List Building Campaign - Download Source HTML option when creating Modal is not working
  • Move Integrations lambda to custom runtime
  • Prepopulate Send Settings - Phone Number with Twilio SID on Settings page
  • Create Subscriber Cart Resource
  • Browse Abandonment Messages
  • Add skeleton design to individual stats for campaigns sending in-progress
  • Create Shopify Cart - Recharge Script
  • Connect Voyage to ReCharge
  • Edit ReCharge segment attributes available in segment builder by user
  • Attribution tracking of revenue on ReCharge checkout page
  • Normalize phone number before inserting to ec_event table
  • Fix - Integrations import temporal table is not being deleted
  • ReCharge Integration - Duplicating information in DB
  • Add campaign title validation on the first step and fix edit title on the One-Time Campaigns Edit wizard
  • Show error in the UI if keyword is duplicate when creating tenant
  • Resolve Campaign column line break and poor wrapping
  • Create event processors for ReCharge integration with Voyage
  • Add client secret to Recharge Form
  • Use dedicated scheme for any kind of temporal table
  • Updated shopify import integration to use config table and logger
  • Add webhook validator to ReCharge integration
  • Create public endpoint for unsubscribing and randomizing phone number
  • Create URL that works with Instagram story swipe-up to deeplink to Messages app with pre-populated opt-in message associated with Voyage list building campaign
  • Update Unsubscribe Phone Numbers helper verbiage
  • Various Front-End Updates
  • Give user ability to append 'STOP' Reply Message to end of message in Message Composer
  • Update cart/checkout abandonment message logic to match on cart token (versus phone number only)
  • Changes for ReCharge integrations
  • Create MultiSelect QueryType
  • Add cancel scheduled campaign button in All tab
  • Add validation to Keyword option to block special characters (specifically apostrophes)
  • Replace Voyage branding with new logos
  • Click count is not working when taken from summary table for Transactional
  • Refactor AbandonedCart query to be more performant to reduce database utilization
  • Modal not appearing due to JavaScript error

Voyage 4.6.0

Aug 20, 2020

What's New

  • Added Browse Abandonment Message functionality
  • Improved performance and reliability of Integrations customer data import
  • Implemented automatic registration of Shopify Integration webhooks
  • Added "Last Import" status to the Shopify integration for customer data import progress
  • Improved client-specific unsubscribe (STOP) for shared short numbers
  • Included detailed help verbiage for List Building - Blocklist/AllowList functionality
  • Added the Shopify logo to the Abandoned Checkout template on Transactionals overview page
  • Added Message Segment Count estimator to all message fields for the different campaign types
  • Upgraded core infrastructure of the Portal API
  • Improved application logging for troubleshooting Campaign delivery and tracking

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issues with error status indicator for modal upload
  • Fixed Scheduled Time in One-Time campaigns for Global users
  • Resolved Segments - New Attributes from CSV Edit button intermittent issues
  • Fixed List Building - Embeddable Button type Save Draft issues
  • Updated date format to local time on Transactionals overview page and Segment description on Campaigns page

Voyage 4.5.0

Jul 28, 2020

What's New

  • Added Message Throttling functionality for scheduling One-Time Campaigns with a delay between batches of the configured value
  • Added "Recommended Image Specifications" details to the One-Time Campaign creation flow
  • Added name field auto population for Campaigns with reserved names
  • Introduced alphabetical sort to the source attribute in the Segment builder dropdown
  • Updated logos for the source attribute in the Segment builder dropdown

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Segment Attribute CSV import for new users with no prior segments created
  • Fixed the "placed order" filter in the Segment builder
  • Resolved issue with special characters inaccurately predicting segment count
  • Other application-wide minor UI and UX improvements including verbiage changes to the List Building page

Voyage 4.0.3

Jun 17, 2020

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a bug with List Building campaigns where the title was not being properly modified and saved
  • Removed legacy Builder Mode functionality from displaying on the UI
  • Resolved an issue with the display of subscriber statistics missing on the List Building page for newer campaign types including Opt-in at Checkout

Voyage 3.2.0

Feb 26, 2020

What's New

  • Improved performance and load times for tenant dashboard tables and charts
  • Message composer now displays segment count
  • Added in-app status notifications within the Voyage app
  • Added a personalized greeting to the tenant dashboard
  • Added the ability to insert line-breaks within message composer
  • New and improved experience and design for Transactional Campaign creation flow
  • Included id and title of opt-in campaign within the response of Voyage GetSubscriber() API call

Bug Fixes

  • Removed the ability to set the campaign send date to a date in the past
  • Removed the cancel button for campaigns that are in the process of being sent
  • Other minor UI and UX improvements on the tenant dashboard

Voyage 3.1.0

Feb 4, 2020

  • Abandoned checkout SMS for Shopify on Transactionals page with time delay and customized messaging including dynamic variables
  • New and improved experience and design for Campaigns overview page
  • New and improved experience and design for Transactional overview page
  • Optimize message sending throughput for one-time campaigns
  • Ability to rename and archive any list building, automated and/or one-time campaign
  • Added preview label of Keyword for Keyword Incoming type List Building campaigns
  • Added ability to active and deactivate Transactional templates
  • [Fix] Made campaigns in sending status update stats in real-time for the first hour
  • [Fix] Made All-Time to be the default filter option for Campaigns and List Building analytics pages
  • [Fix] Unsubscribe percentage display on statistics
  • [Fix] Changed to display daily Subscribes on tenant dashboard (previously Net Subscribes)
  • [Fix] Display issue for historical campaign statistics (previously not showing)
  • [Fix] Issues with modal downloading and uploading HTML in new List Building campaign creation
  • [Fix] Other minor UI and UX improvements on tenant dashboard and campaign overview pages

Voyage 3.0.0

Jan 13, 2020

  • New and improved experience and design for Dashboard
  • Improved performance and faster loading times for Dashboard
  • Ability to export time-sliced Dashboard data including subscribers, purchase, revenue and message segment data to CSV
  • New and improved experience and design for List Building overview page
  • [Fix] Support for Firefox browser

Voyage 2.4.1

Dec 16, 2019

  • Improved experience and design for creating and editing a new List Building campaign
  • Update UX/UI for ‘Create Message screen’ in marketing campaign creation
  • Updated default modal templates_
  • [Fix] Ability to create desktop modal List Building campaign with keyed-in entry

Voyage 2.4.0

Dec 1, 2019

  • Added ability for consumers to opt-in to multiple segments*
  • Added ability to select list building campaigns as a ‘List Attribute’ when creating a segment*
  • Improved display for opt-in flow preview for list building campaigns
  • Improved speed for tenant dashboard loading
  • Removed ability to use certain special characters ( / : * ? " < > |) in campaign naming for syntax consistency

*Consumers can now opt-in to multiple list building campaigns (e.g., via modal AND keyword). All list building campaigns are selectable under the ‘List Attribute’ field when creating a segment. Note: selecting a list building campaign under the ‘Source’ field would only target users who opted-in via that source first. Selecting a list building campaign under the ‘List Attribute’ field would target users who have opted-in via that source at anytime.

Voyage 2.3.0

Nov 20, 2019

  • New and improved UI for creating a ‘New Subscriber Campaign’ for list building purposes (modal, keyword, opt-in at checkout and manual import)
  • Added ability to specify double opt-in or single opt-in for modal-type list building campaigns
  • Added ability to segment by consumers who have ‘Clicked on’ the link for a specific or any marketing campaign
  • Added ability to segment by consumers who have ‘Received’ messages from a specific or any marketing campaigns
  • Added ability to create custom segments based on multiple conditions including ‘Purchased,’ ‘Clicked on,’ and ‘Received’ and filter by ANY or ALL conditions
  • Added ability to specify ‘Auto-Close’ parameter on modals where the modal will close automatically (i.e., without user action) after seconds
  • Added ability to manually unsubscribe phone numbers via direct input or CSV import in ‘Settings’
  • Improved ability to create desktop modals for list building
  • New and improved UI for the sidebar
  • [Fix] Confirmed campaign send time label on Campaigns page
  • [Fix] API opt-in (manual import of contacts for opt-in)

Voyage 2.2.1

Oct 21, 2019

  • Added ability to type in date in date picker
  • Added timezone label in dashboard reports
  • [Fix] Data reporting for list building campaigns

Voyage 2.2.0

Oct 7, 2019

  • Launched Transactional API for tenants including ability to manage Transactional templates and ability to send SMS via API using Transactional templates
  • Added mouse-over values to client dashboard reports
  • Moved modal data to from cookies to local storage

Voyage 2.1.0

Sep 23, 2019

  • Launched Identity API for tenant including ability to generate API keys through Voyage app and created GetSubscribers() API call that allows tenants to retrieve list of Voyage subscribers including subscribe status
  • Improved display of client dashboard reporting metrics
  • Improved UI for client dashboard and navigation panel
  • Improved language and status updates for scheduled, draft and sent campaigns
  • Added ability to send campaigns immediately
  • Added time zone label to message composer to clarify time scheduling[FIX] Ability to manually import customer numbers through Voyage app to send opt-in or confirmation message campaigns

Voyage 2.0.0

Sep 6, 2019

  • Added ability to create segments based on list, subscriber source, purchase status and manually uploaded customer attributes for campaigns and drips
  • Added ability to save custom segment filters for future campaigns and drips
  • Added ability to display multiple modals across page views
  • Changed default time zone from UTC to browser-based
  • Added ability for clients to have custom short links
  • Added display for ‘Send Settings’ in Tenant settings
  • Added ability to send messages above previous limit of 127 characters
  • Added percentage values to A/B testing report for clicks and subscribers
  • Added ability to send test message from draft campaigns
  • Restricted ability to cancel a scheduled campaign <5 minutes from deploying
  • Added ability to send messages from multiple short codes and/or long codes
  • Added checkout amount as data property to Voyage user profile
  • [Fix] Fixed image save on draft message
  • [Fix] Ability to select one-time campaign when creating a new campaign
  • [Fix] Fixed error causing modal preview to freeze

Voyage 1.6.0

Jul 11, 2019

  • Connect to Shopify store with OAuth popup
  • Create API key for Segment integration
  • Create desktop modal campaigns
  • Draft option for campaigns
  • Custom date range for client dashboard reporting
  • Improved dashboard UI

Voyage 1.5.0

Jun 24, 2019

  • New shortened signup reference for segmented list
  • More warning messages on modal builder and A/B Testing
  • Add SMS Test button to message builder page
  • Add public modal builder
  • Admin Import Phone numbers
  • Modal Builder copy design
  • Improved modal design

Voyage 1.4.0

Jun 7, 2019

  • Add custom help messages
  • Option for images on welcome messages
  • Modal Frequency option to extend over 30+ days
  • Style improvements to modals
  • Add option for variables in the URL for allowlist/blocklist
  • Styling improvements on option creation

Voyage 1.3.1

May 23, 2019

  • Add Emoji Keyboard for text input for SMS messages
  • Improved modal styling
  • Ability to cancel scheduled campaigns
  • Allow text and logo for floating modals
  • Ability to load phone number lists with segment attributes

Voyage 1.3.0

May 21, 2019

  • Limit the short codes to accept 3 character or more in length
  • Desktop visibility issue fixed on smaller resolution
  • A/B Testing basic reporting by days
  • Turn on/off Modal Customer List Attributes
  • More feedback and error messages on forms

Voyage 1.2.1

Apr 25, 2019

  • Improved performance or modal rendering
  • Add more options for the background image and background color on modal
  • Improved statistics for Modals and Opt-ins
  • Add more options for Modal click button

Voyage 1.2.0

Apr 22, 2019

  • Changes to the advanced modal builder and more options for modals including: button width, button border, variable lines of content for button and header, button image upload.
  • Drip campaigns can be scheduled daily at a specific time
  • Improved options for saving campaign drafts and scheduling
  • Ability to edit Drip Campaigns
  • Improved display for campaign list
  • Add A/B testing for mobile and desktop modals
  • Additional format for dollar amount with cents format for purchase tracking

Voyage 1.1.0

Apr 17, 2019

  • Add Drip Campaigns to app
  • Add Scheduled Campaigns to app
  • Add rules and validation for creating keywords
  • Ability to set tenant to active or inactive
  • Add modal segment creation to UI
  • Various fixes for Modal and Opt-in Flow creation
  • CTR and CVR % to campaign dashboard
  • Admin portal changes to dashboard