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Custom Events - Common Examples
Custom Events - Common Examples
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Here we present a few example implementations of Voyage Custom Events across a variety of common platforms. For more details on how to set up custom events, please see our related article Tracking with Custom Events.


Product Viewed (by Product Tag)

Trigger an event when a product with a specific tag is viewed.

Product Viewed (by Collection Handle)

Trigger different events based on when specific products are viewed.

Entered Checkout

This event is a simple true value to be placed in your checkout flow to determine whether or not someone has entered checkout. It is useful for creating abandoned checkout flows on platforms other than Shopify.

Notice: As of early 2021 Abandoned Shopping Cart Notifications (ASCN) are limited to only one message, and the message must be sent within 48 hours.

voyage.event(CUSTOM_EVENT_ID, {   enteredCheckout: "true",});

Query Parameters

UTM Parameters

Trigger an event when a query parameter exists on a URL.

const queryString =; const urlParams = new URLSearchParams(queryString); const campaignUtm = urlParams.get('utm_campaign'); if (campaignUtm === 'shopper_upsell') voyage.event(CUSTOM_EVENT_ID);

If you have any additional questions please contact us at [email protected].

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