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Loyalty is key. Build and maintain long-lasting relationships with your customers through an integration of Voyage SMS and LoyaltyLion to maximize value, in both directions.

To continue, you must first have an active LoyaltyLion account set up with your Shopify store.

LoyaltyLion Setup

Log in to LoyaltyLion and click on Manage [1]. Under the Configuration menu, click on Settings [2] then scroll down until you see the Token and Secret values [3] which you'll be copying over to Voyage SMS:


Voyage SMS Setup

Log in to the Voyage SMS platform, and click on Integrations [1]. Scroll down until you see LoyaltyLion [2] and click on Activate [3]:


Here is where you will paste in your Client ID [1] (also called a Token in LoyaltyLion) and your Client Secret [2] from LoyaltyLion. When done, click Next [3]:


You should see this success screen upon completion:


That is all there is to it! You are all set to start pulling in LoyaltyLion data and segmenting SMS messages based on loyalty tiers and more.

If you have any additional questions please contact us at [email protected].

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