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ReCharge + Voyage

Recharge is a leading subscription payments platform for merchants on Shopify and other eCommerce platforms. You can segment users by Recharge attributes (e.g., active subscriber subscriptions), we support various dynamic variables from Recharge, and revenue attribution is also tracked in the Voyage web app.

You will need to have a Shopify store, and integrate that store with Recharge to continue.

Setting up Recharge

Once you are inside your Recharge account, click on the Integrations main menu item at the top [1]. Look to the right and click on the small "API tokens..." link [2]. If for some reason you do not see this API tokens link, please contact Recharge support:


Click on the blue "Create an API token" button:


On the next page, fill in the Token nickname [1] and your contact email address [2]. Enable the following permissions:

[3] - Orders - Read and Write access

[4] - Subscriptions - Read and Write access

[5] - Customers - Read and Write access

[6] - Store Information - Read access

When done, agree to the Recharge API Terms of Service [7] and click Save [8]:


Upon successful creation of the API token, you'll be taken back to your list of API tokens. Copy and save this API key value [1] to a convenient location, as you'll need to paste it into the Voyage SMS web app later. Click on the name of your new API token [2] to continue:


On the Edit API token page, copy and save the API Client Secret value to a convenient location as well. This is the final piece of information you'll need to insert into the Voyage SMS app:


Setting up Voyage

With the API key and API Client Secret values from Recharge handy, log into your Voyage SMS account. Click on the Integrations main menu item [1], and scroll down until you see Recharge [2]. Click on Activate [3] to continue:


Paste in the API Token [1] and the Client Secret [2] that you copied over from Recharge, then click Next [3]:


You will see a success message upon completion:


Back on the main integration screen, you'll see that the integration is in a Connected state, with details about the last data import:


Using the Recharge Integration

When the ReCharge integration with Voyage is completed, Voyage will automatically pull ReCharge customer data and match to customers in your Voyage database based on their phone number. With this synced data you will be able to create new segments in the Voyage segment builder to create more personalized, contextual SMS campaigns.

You can see a full list of segment filters and dynamic variables currently supported by our Recharge integration. If you have any other segment data, please let us know.

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Synchronization Details

Voyage will continue to sync ReCharge customer and event data every 15 minutes.

A phone number is not normally required in the ReCharge checkout flow. However, if it is not there, Voyage will only be able to sync data for consumers where a Voyage local storage token is installed (e.g., by visiting your eCommerce site and going through the ReCharge flow off a Voyage marketing campaign link).

If you would like to have an opt-in opportunity at checkout for ReCharge customers, reach out to us at [email protected].

If you have any additional questions please contact us at [email protected].

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