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Text better, not more. Personally message and engage with your customers 1 on 1 to build more brand loyalty and increase revenue and conversions. Voyage has three versatile pricing options for leveraging this portion of the platform. In this article we will show you how to use Live Conversions to get intimate with your customers at just the right times. For example, industry data shows as much as a 20% increase in abandoned cart conversions with personalized outreach.

Benefits of Live Conversions

There are many ways engaging with customers in a personalized way can benefit your business and the customer's experience in a sustainable, profitable fashion. You can learn more about 1-to-1 customer engagement at scale in our blog, but we also have some key points here:

  • Drive Revenue – Two-way conversations with customers are a proven higher revenue driver than one-way blasts. In the chat interface, you can seamlessly create Click to Buy links to close a conversion.

  • Prioritize Top Customers – View your hottest leads or top customers based on customer LTV, or recency since abandoned checkout.

  • Build Customer Loyalty – Talking to your customers like the humans they are creates stickiness to your brand. Live Conversions puts customer attributes, event history, and data right at your fingertips, allowing you to provide buyers with the best experience.

  • Get Customer Feedback – Make better product decisions by asking your customers questions, and hearing their feedback directly through live 1-to-1 chat.

  • Generate Audit Log – View opt-in and event history for specific customers for legal and compliance purposes.

Navigation and Interface Overview

If it has been activated on your account, you'll see the Live [1] main menu option just below Dashboard. On the left you'll see a list of contacts [2], with filters and search options at the top [3]. On the right is the conversation window [4] for the currently selected subscriber [5]:



There are three built-in filters for your contacts on the left: Starred [1], Live Chats [2], and Unread [3]. Clicking on any of these will hide all those conversations that don't match that filter. Left clicking on the three dots [4] will bring up a menu where you can mark the conversation as starred [5], close the conversation (if it's open), or mark it as read/unread [6]:


It's important to note that Live Chats are any subscribers who have received personalized, 1-to-1 messages from you. They won't receive any other automated message replies while they are in Live Chat status. To remove them from this Live Chat status, you must close the conversation.

As you can see, the starred conversations will have a small star icon next to them [1], while any unread conversations will have a bold blue text date [2]. Up at the top in the search bar you can look for any part of a phone number [3]:



We've also made all your segments accessible in the Live Conversions view, so you can filter based on whatever criteria you've set up in advance. Just click on the drop down box that says All Subscribers [1] and make your segmentation selection by scrolling or searching [2]. There is also a shortcut here to quick create a new segment [3]:



On the right side of the screen is your timeline containing all messages to that individual subscriber, oldest messages at the top. You will also see click events, subscription events, etc. Hovering over those events will give you more event details [1]. Each message you've sent to the subscriber will be tagged with a campaign type, such as List Building [2], one-time Campaign [3], or Drips. Down below is where you can select emojis [4] and type in your personalized message [5]. If you have an active Shopify integration, you can use this button [6] to send a link direct to checkout, a powerful tool for landing the sale:


Occasionally, when two or more purchase events are received in a small time frame from different sources, you'll see a concatenation of these events into a single icon for clarity sake.

If you have any additional questions around this feature, including optional assistance with monitoring live chats, please contact us at [email protected].

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