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In Person Events
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In-person events are still a great way to meet and connect with new and existing customers. In this article we'll give different ways you use Voyage SMS to offer SMS subscription opportunities to your customers who may be attending in-person events.


Obtain explicit permission, and with your very first message use all necessary compliance language. Your event attendees will reciprocate the respect you have for their contact information, and you can focus your time and attention on scaling your business with your newfound growth without regulatory concerns. By using the Voyage Deep Link and Keyword Opt-in methods described below, compliance is built in from the very beginning.

QR Code Opt-In

First you'll want to set up your opt-in campaigns inside Voyage. Start by creating a Voyage Deep Link list building campaign.

When you are done, you'll have a Voyage Deep Link that you can copy for use in this step, creating a QR Code.

You can use a simple free QR-Code generator such as this one. Simply paste in your Voyage Deep Link [1], then set your QR code size [2]. Larger version are more appropriate for large-print use cases. Click download [3] to save your QR code image file:


Keyword Opt-In

Another important option to have available is a Keyword opt-in campaign. Click here to see how to build one. When you are done, you'll have the two essential pieces of information that potential subscribers need to become actual subscribers:

  1. Your company's SMS phone number

  2. Your keyword


In Person Event Use Cases

Once you have the campaign set up and your QR code created, you'll want to use them effectively by making the right opt-in offers at the right time. Any promised benefits will also need to be supported by the right SMS campaigns, all which can be created and managed easily from the Voyage SMS web app.

Tip: We highly recommend using both the QR code and the phone number/keyword combo together to give customers options on how they want to connect.

Before or During In Person Event Registration

This is a great time to actually present the SMS opt-in offer, just as attendees are signing up for the event. Let them know there will be several important event-related announcements sent via SMS (see below). When making the opt-in offer, push the most powerful, meaningful benefits right up front and keep the descriptions short and accurate.

If you have an existing subscriber base and know who has attended similar events in the past, you can segment for those former attendees who have not yet registered this year to increase attendance with a quick SMS reminder about the live event.

Consider also using the QR code, and phone number & keyword on product packaging (and/or on a small flyer insert within the packaging) when shipping products to make your in person event a success!

Event Related Announcements

After registration and before the event starts, there are many ways you can use SMS messaging to keep your customers informed:

  • Event or Registration Reminders - A reminder or two leading up to the event can help drive attendance, especially if there's a deadline for registration.

  • Venue Details - Let them know about last minute live event details (date/time changes), important announcements (new speakers added), and anything else that may be pertinent to attendees.

  • Directions - Especially for those attendees coming in from long distances, it can be handy to receive directions to destinations from major freeways. A quick link to a map can go a long way to showing you are empathetic to their overall journey.

  • Parking Specifics - If parking is limited or your event is in a large metropolitan area, attendees will need to know where to park, and how much it will cost. You can let them know within the SMS itself or direct them to one or more relevant web links.

  • Event Time Changes - Sometimes schedules change, and conflicts arise. If the exact time of an in person event needs to be pushed back (or forward) there is no better way to keep attendees in the loop with a quick SMS message.

  • Cancellations - Things happen. If your live event needs to be postponed or cancelled, it's good to copy everyone through all available channels, including SMS. Especially if there are refunds involved.

Audience Interaction During Event

While the event is ongoing you can take advantage of the engagement and excitement to deliver even more value through SMS messaging:

  • Live Polls - Keep the event fun and exciting while at the same time gathering important customer feedback by conducting a quick SMS survey poll.

  • Voting - Let your attendees control an element of the event with SMS based voting, live during the event

  • Giveaways - Who doesn't love a free giveaway? Offer a series of giveaways to new SMS subscribers who are attending the event. Have more than one winner, and announce the winners over SMS to keep them engaged.

  • Live Event Itinerary - A simple set of announcements about noteworthy moments during your event can be very useful for all attendees.

In Person Event Banners and Flyers for Opt-In

Make it easy for customers to sign up to your SMS list by having a human-scale standup event banner printed with your QR code and keyword signup opt-in offer. Flyers too present a chance to get new subscribers on your SMS list as customers travel around at the event, or even after they go home. Be sure to include short, punchy copy about the most impactful benefits they'll receive by subscribing.

Segmentation Opportunities

And remember when you are capturing these in person event signups, that the event itself can become another segment for future SMS campaigns. You'll be able to split your customer base based on those who subscribed during the event. Make sure to name your Voyage Deep Link and Keyword Opt-In campaigns appropriately so it will be easier to reference the segments in the future.

See our article on Segmentation Best Practices and Segments Overview for more information.

If you have any additional questions please contact us at [email protected].

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