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Dynamic Variables Overview
Dynamic Variables Overview
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Dynamic variables are values you can inject into your messaging that change depending on a whole host of different dependencies. This allows you to personalize messages in creative, engaging ways.
One-time campaigns just have access to attribute and coupon dynamic variables, while drips additionally have access to event type dynamic variables. List building campaigns do not have any dynamic variables because there is no customer data before a person becomes a subscriber.

Dynamic Variables by Source

See our dedicated articles to learn more about what dynamic variables are available from each source/integration and what data each variable contains:

Using Dynamic Variables

Currently dynamic variables are available in the Drips message composer. Typing '{{' in the composer will show the list of variables from which you can include within a message or link. We've also added a dedicated Dynamic Variables button with a drop down menu you can use to browse and insert data.

Fallback Values

Sometimes there may be no value available for your dynamic variable which can be resolved by using a fallback value. Clicking on a dynamic variable will open up an input field where you can optionally enter something as a fallback.

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