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Boost engagement and reduce unsubscribe rates by enabling subscribers to add your brand to their contact list.

What is a Contact Card?

A Contact Card contains your company's contact information and allows subscribers to save your number as a contact in their phones with a dedicated image and other essential information.

Why should I create a Contact Card?

Allowing subscribers to save your number as a contact in their phones creates several benefits including:

  • Minimizing the risk that your SMS messages are labelled as spam

  • Creating a more personal connection with your subscribers and increasing brand recognition

  • Boosting engagement, driving conversions, and reducing unsubscribe rates

How do I create my Contact Card?

1. Head over to the Settings section of our platform and find the Contact Card tab.

2. Upload a Contact Picture and fill out the fields with your brand's contact information.

Image must be a square between 32X32 to 96X96 in size

3. Hit Save at the bottom to save your Contact Card details which will be used to generate your Contact Card when creating a campaign (see section below).

Important: any changes you make to this section will automatically update your Contact Card in real time, meaning that each new campaign will contain the most recent version of your Contact Card.

How do I send my Contact Card to subscribers?

You can attach your Contact Card to any campaigns you create in Campaigns, Drips, and List Building.

Simply click on the "+" icon, select "Contact Card" and your Contact Card will be automatically generated based on the information you provide in Settings.

Remember: sending your Contact Card counts as sending a MMS message.

Best Practices

  • Upload a Contact Picture with your logo - this makes your brand easily recognizable in a subscriber's list of messages.

  • Fill out all the fields of your Contact Card so that subscribers get the most value out of adding you to their contact list.

  • Add your Contact Card to your welcome series so that new subscribers can add your Contact Card as soon as they opt in to your SMS program.

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