Allowlisting & Blocklisting

Use this setting to specify when a modal should or should not appear.

From the Voyage Dashboard:

  1. Click List Building in the menu on the left
  2. Create a NEW LIST BUILDING CAMPAIGN or edit an existing modal
  3. Under SETTINGS, scroll down and click on the Allowlist / Blocklist Pages header to expand the drawer
  4. Enter a set of patterns and click SAVE.


Voyage uses a glob pattern standard for matching paths and query parameters in URLs. Patterns can be tested by populating an example URL in the Test Pattern field below.


  • * - include one path segment (e.g. /cart/* -> /cart/checkout)
  • ** - include multiple path segments (e.g. /** -> /cart/checkout/confirmation)
    • URLs need to pass any allowed pattern to be visible
  • ! - block (negate) specified pattern
    • URLs must pass all blocked patterns to be visible
  • ? - specifying parameters
    • Parameters in the URL must match all listed in the pattern
    • Parameters can be listed in any order


Allowed Path Pattern


i.e. Show modal on all subpages of the shop


Allowed Query Parameter Pattern


i.e. Show the modal for links from a specific source (e.g. loyalty) and specific campaign (e.g. referral_program)


Blocked Path Pattern


i.e. Do not show the modal on any blog pages


Blocked Query Parameter


i.e. Do not show the modal for links from a specific source (e.g. Instagram)