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How Voyage text messaging works
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List building

List building refers to the collection of phone numbers from visitors to your website (or other channels). Both terms are used interchangeably here (but we wanted to introduce both terms in case you’ve heard them elsewhere.)

Once these users visit your website, they are presented with options to join your text messaging “list”, after which we consider them your subscribers. There are 2 main ways you can convert website visitors into subscribers with Voyage:

  • A MODAL (pop-up) window on your mobile website homepage (or other page)

  • Asking users to text a KEYWORD to your Voyage text messaging short code, a 5-digit code provided to you by your Voyage representative

After the users have opted-in to be subscribers, we continue to engage them through various campaigns.

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One-time Campaigns

One-time Campaigns are one-time messages that are sent around specific events, promotions, sales, or launches to increase awareness & conversions. With Voyage, you can schedule campaigns for a future date and our systems will send them out automatically so that customers receive your messages on time

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Automated Campaigns

Automated Campaigns are follow-up messages that are automatically sent to users after a specific triggering event (e.g., user subscribing, user purchase). These drips are usually sent over a period of days with messages designed to (re-)engage a user to stay connected to your brand or make a purchase.

Automated Campaigns are not a requirement but the Voyage team strongly recommends using a few drips to increase customer engagement & conversion. The primary drips we recommend are:

  • 1 short term drip (2-7 days after subscription)

  • 1 long term drip (8-15 days after subscription)

  • 1 post-purchase drip (First 30 days after initial purchase)

These automated campaigns have been shown to increase user conversions, customer engagement, and brand loyalty.

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