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Voyage provides similar capabilities as ESPs in terms of message types, flows, and transactionals. However, SMS is an immediacy-based channel and should be used as such. Voyage recommends crafting concise messages around important events, including new product launches, discounts/promotions, restocking of popular items, and other special events.

Trigger based messaging, including post-subscription and post-purchase event, should also be concise, immediately relevant, and impactful.

Because of the intimacy of the SMS channel, brands must be keenly aware of the frequency by which they send texts. SMS should not be utilized like email – do not send a text every day. Email should be used in a complimentary way to send content-rich posts that take consumers longer to digest.

Voyage’s best performers limit the campaigns they send around the important events as noted above. Some best practices are below:

One-Time Campaigns

  • Used for special events, such as discounts/promotions, new product launches, popular product restocks, and other special announcements

  • For special events, some of Voyage’s brands have found great success in sending numerous one-time campaigns around such event (e.g. reminder)

    • See Case Study 1 Below

  • Apply an image/GIF where appropriate (e.g. product launch or product specific sale). Do not use an image for a more general campaign as this will hurt your ROAS.

  • Informational campaigns do not result in high ROAS

  • Get creative! See Case Study 2 Below

One-Time Campaign: Case Study 1

A Voyage Apparel Brand sent three one-time campaigns around the same Black Friday sale event. Each campaign was highly successful, with the third campaign much more successful than the second.

  • Campaign 1 –25% Off Early Access (Sent 11/24/19): 12.7% CTR, 97.2x ROAS

  • Campaign 2 – 25% Official Launch (Sent 11/27/19): 5.5% CTR, 9.8x ROAS

  • Campaign 3 – 25% Off Last Chance (11/29/19): 11.8% CTR, 42.1x ROAS

Similarly, a Voyage Home Décor Brand employed a similar tactic for a Product Specific Sale:

  • Campaign 1 –Product XYZ 15% (Sent 10/26/19): 6.1% CTR, 26.3x ROAS

  • Campaign 2 – Product XYZ 15% Last Call (Sent 11/27/19): 4.6% CTR, 17.7x ROAS

  • Campaign 3 – Product XYZ 15% Last Chance (11/29/19): 38.1% CTR, 12.2x ROAS

One-Time Campaign: Case Study 2

A Voyage Soap Brand utilized Voyage’s unlimited keyword opt-in capabilities to create a new segment of users who wanted to hear about special and unique offers over 12 days of Christmas. Because of the specific keyword opt-in, the Soap Brand knew it was hyper-targeting consumers with high-intent to purchase. Over 12 days of one-time campaigns, the Soap Brand experiences an average CTR if 39.4% and an average ROAS of 44.6x.

Automated Drips

  • Most clients set up several post-subscription and post-purchase automated drip campaigns.

Post-Subscription Drips

  • Voyage recommends 2-3 post-subscription drips to consumers who have signed up to receive SMS alerts but have

    never purchased.

    • Drip 1 (typically 2-3 days post subscription). Should be used to remind subscribers to take advantage of unique and limited discount for signing up

    • Drip 2 (typically 10-12 days post subscription). Another reminder with a different type of message. For example, you can send a link to best sellers and also reiterate the coupon code

    • Drip 3 (typically 20-30 days post subscription): Final call on the discount code.

      • Note: about half of our brands limit post-subscription drips to only 2.

Post-Purchase Drips

  • For brands whose products may require maintenance (e.g. luxury shoes, in-home plants, etc.), post-purchase drips also work well and could be a good way to upsell the consumer (e.g. for a shoe-shine brush)

  • Post-purchase drips also work well for a razor / razor blade type of economic model (buy the razor first, then purchase blades repeatedly)

  • Post-purchase drips can also be utilized to convert one-time customers to subscription customers. This is best used for brands who allow consumers to purchase on an individual basis as well as on a subscription basis

    • A Voyage Coffee Brand currently utilizes a series of 8 Post-Purchase Drips walking the consumer through the product and reviews and ultimately provides discounts on the first few months of a subscription purchased through SMS.

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