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Segments Overview
Segments Overview
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Segments are groups of subscribers that you can create in order to target the right audience with the right campaign. By using data from Voyage, your ecommerce platform, and any other integrations you have enabled, you can create specific groups of subscribers based on attributes (e.g. age, state, etc.) as well as actions (e.g. purchased X product, spent Y amount).

Creating a segment

Head over to the "Segments" section of the app where you'll see an overview of your existing segments. To create a new segment, simply click the button "Create Segment".

When creating a segment, you'll see two fields:

1. Subscribers must match ALL/ANY of the conditions: filters selected in this field will include subscribers that match the conditions

2. Except ALL/ANY of the conditions: filters selected in this field will exclude subscribers that match the conditions

When selecting a filter, you'll have the option between two categories:

1. Action taken by a subscriber: actions and behaviors performed by a subscriber (e.g. clicked on campaign, purchased product, etc.).

2. Attribute of a subscriber: characteristics of a subscriber (e.g. state, total spent, etc.)

Important: Data under "Action taken by a subscriber" is only collected starting from the day your integration was set up.

The filters that appear depend on which integrations you have enabled; the more integrations you have enabled, the deeper the possibilities for creating specific segments.

As you select filters, the "Subscribers in Segment" count will update in real time to show you how many of your subscribers match your conditions.

Once you've finished selecting your filters, simply click "Create Segment" to save the segment. It should now appear in your overview under the "Segments" main page and this segment can now be used when creating a Campaign.

Importing custom attributes

You can also create a set of custom attributes by uploading a CSV file, then use these custom attributes to define a segment. We have a complete article on this manual CSV upload process here.

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