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Missing Options in Segmentation or Drips
Missing Options in Segmentation or Drips
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There are a large number of segmentation options accessible many different ways in Voyage. If you are missing an option, it may be due to one of these reasons described below:


Possible Reasons

No Subscriber Records for That Specific Option

Double check the segment and applied filters to make sure there are subscribers for your selection. Try removing filters or adding more subscribers that match the criteria to see if the options you are looking for show up.

Integration Setup Issues or Errors

This is the most common underlying cause for missing segmentation or drip options.

It may be that the source of data for that option is coming from an integrated system that has not been properly set up, configured, or errors are otherwise preventing the integration from functioning properly.

To resolve this, follow through the integration setup procedure again for your particular integration. Please refer to the Integration section of our Help Center for more information. And of course you are always welcome to contact us directly for additional support.

Required Product Criteria

Another underlying cause may be product criteria that is lacking. Products must meet the following criteria:

  • Must be a published product in the store

  • Must have a unique SKU for each and every item to be listed

If you have any additional questions please contact us at [email protected].

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