Keyword Campaigns

Learn how to build "keyword" opt-in campaigns (text "keyword to 71-023)

Opt-in keywords, which are words that you define, when sent to your phone #, will trigger a specific opt-in flow:


Example: Keyword opt-in flow

To create a keyword opt-in campaign, follow the steps below. 

1. Navigate to List Building from your Voyage dashboard

2. Click the + New List Building Campaign button

3. Select Keyword Incoming and give your keyword campaign a title (this is only used for your reference and reporting)

4. Define the keyword that you would like users to text in to trigger an opt-in

5.  Choose whether or not you would like this campaign to require a double opt-in ("reply Y to confirm") 

6. Determine the Welcome Message and destination Link that you would like to send your new subscribers to:

7. Click the Done button to create your campaign

8. Return to the List Building dashboard to see your new Keyword Opt-in campaign. By default, this campaign will be set to inactive. To activate your campaign, click the Status toggle next to the campaign name:

Once the toggle is blue, your campaign has been activated: