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List Building Overview
List Building Overview
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Grow your subscriber list quickly and sustainably! This guide will explain how List Building works within the Voyage app. The faster you build your subscriber list, the quicker the path to purchase conversion.

Connecting with your target audience is obviously important, and there are many ways to do so via SMS using Voyage's List Building campaign types. You can read more about List Building best practices here.

List Building Navigation & Metrics

The List Building main menu item on the left [1]. Clicking there will bring up a list of all of your List Building campaigns on the bottom half of the page, and a series of important metrics at the top. You can change the date range filter [2], or export that range's data as a CSV file [3]. This is also where you can create a new List Building campaign [4]. Your account-wide Clicks [5], Active subscribers [6], Revenue generated [7], and Return on Ad Spending (ROAS) [8] are all summed at the top. Preview eye icons [9] show a sample of each modal:


You can read more about the data and analytics tracked by Voyage here.

There is a campaign type filter here [1] that changes which campaigns are visible, but this filter does not affect the metrics above. Columns such as Impressions [2], Modal Clicks [3], and Subscribes [4] will tell you how much each campaign is contributing to your goals. Subscribes refers to the number of customers that have subscribed through that particular campaign. The audience of that campaign may be larger than the number shown as it also includes customers that initially subscribed through a different campaign, but are now opted-in to this campaign as well. Clicking or double clicking on any column header will allow you to sort [5] by ascending/descending on those values. Choose a campaign and expand the three dot ellipses [6] to see more options such as Edit [7], Clone [8], and Archive [9] that vary depending on the campaign type:


And just like all other campaigns in Voyage, List Building campaigns are deactivated by default upon creation. To activate the campaign, just click on the switch to the far left:


List Building Campaign Types

There are six different ways Voyage helps you grow your subscriber lists. You'll see these options appear after clicking on the blue + New List Building Campaign button as described above:


Each type is a different opt-in route a new subscriber can take to join your SMS subscription base. Some of these collection methods may already be available in your account, while others may be in the process of being setup. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] if any of the options you'd like to use are greyed out in your account.

Click through any of the links for each particular List Building campaign type to see a full walk-through of how to create a campaign of that type:

Modal (Pop-Up)

The Modal or Pop-Up opt-in method has four different sub-types: Fullscreen, Floating, Bottom, and Desktop. It is a versatile, visual approach to inviting new subscribers during their web browsing sessions. You can fully customize this campaign type with your own HTML code.


You can read more creating a Modal (Pop-Up) List Building campaign here.


The Keyword method of building a list is very straightforward. Just create your messaging, decide on double opt-in, then optionally add an image. No need to worry about HTML details. This type is only available on mobile. Learn more about Keyword campaigns here.

Button Code

The Button Code List Building campaign type is very similar to the Keyword type, but you are given an embeddable snippet of code you can use. This type is also only available on mobile.

Voyage Deep Link

Another mobile-first feature, the Voyage Deep Link campaign type is an engaging, dynamic interaction that is very familiar to certain audiences. We provide you a custom short link direct to the message app with the opt-in message pre-filled.


Opt-In at Checkout

This type of List Building campaign shows an opt-in checkbox and a phone number field to your customers during an online checkout experience. We have a version of this opt-in flow specifically for Shopify. Double opt-in is required for compliance. We also support other custom implementations as well.

Custom Keyed Entry

For desktop modals or landing pages, you can use a keyed entry approach where the user is asked to enter their full phone number to opt-in. Never use this on mobile, as there are much better ways to opt-in customers on mobile such as dual-tap opt-in methods.


And if all those other opt-in methods don't suit, we even have an API implementation for List Building any way you can imagine.

Opt-In Flow

When someone is not initially added to a text messaging list and instead has the option to join, they are said to be opted-in for SMS after accepting. Some examples of sign-up actions include:

  • Texting a keyword to a brand's phone number

  • Clicking a sign-up button on a modal/button with a CTA ("Tap to Redeem", "Sign Up Here")

  • Typing in their phone number into a keyed in entry field.

Every List Building campaign in Voyage has some form of Opt-In flow. When creating a new List Building campaign, you'll be taken through Opt-In flow customization and settings. To edit the Opt-In flow on an existing campaign, click on the ellipses [1] then select Edit Flow [2]:


Welcome Flow

The welcome flow immediately follows the Opt-In flow and is a series of confirmation or informational messages sent to the new subscriber. Often this includes a double opt-in prompt. Additional subscriber preferences can also be captured during welcoming. In Voyage, you can customize these messages as needed. Some example messages are:

  • 1st message: Enrollment Confirmation Message. Required for compliance to the Telecom Consumer Protection Act (TCPA)

  • 2nd message: Welcome Message. Unlocks the incentive and confirms their subscription.

  • Other: Additional questions to sub-segment the subscriber list

Once these have been sent, subscription has been completed and the person is considered a subscriber.


We recommend including links with welcome or opt-in messages. You have the option to use a discount code in links to automatically apply at checkout. Note: all welcome flow links will be shortened to something similar to: https://vyg.mob/xyz1234

Message Composer

This is where you'll customize your messaging for the Welcome flow. It is the last step for all list building campaigns. Here are some of the text fields you'll be defining as you compose List Building messages:

  • Opt-in Message - An automated text message from a sign-up action. Customer must accept to start the subsequent welcome flow.

  • Already Subscribed Message - Sends only when the person has already signed up. This prevents the customer from receiving the additional messages in the welcome flow.

  • Enrollment Confirmation Message - Sends with each opt-in request to abide by TCPA compliance. Users must also be allowed to opt-out anytime or ask for help.

  • Welcome Message - Welcomes the user to SMS, typically features the incentive for sign-up or a friendly message

Double Opt-In

All sign-up methods require a double opt-in for full compliance if standard compliance language is not included in the initial call to action. The only exception is for desktop (modals or sign-ups) and when using keyed in entry - where both a double opt-in and the standard compliance language are required.

Standard Compliance Language: "By joining via text message, you agree to receive recurring marketing messages from [brand name] at the mobile number used to send the join text message. Msg & data rates may apply. Msg frequency is recurring. Consent is not a condition of any purchase. Text STOP to unsubscribe, HELP for help. View Terms & Privacy".

Learn More

If you have any additional questions please contact us at [email protected].

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