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Performance Reports
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Generate a CSV report that outlines all the key performance metrics of your SMS campaigns.

What is a performance report?

A performance report gives you the best overview of the overall performance of your SMS campaigns. It outlines all the key metrics of your SMS campaigns and presents them in a clear format for you to analyze.

Common use cases for creating performance reports include:

  • Weekly SMS performance reports

  • Monthly SMS performance reports

  • Quarterly SMS performance reports

How can I create a performance report?

To create a performance report, head over to the Reporting section of the Voyage platform and click on the Performance Reports tab.

Here you will see a table with all the performance reports that you have generated.

To create a new report, simply click on the Create Report button. You will be prompted to name your report and select the date range.

The selected date range will only show all your campaigns that have generated key metrics within the range. This means that campaigns that have not generated any statistics within the range or campaigns that have zero statistics will not be included in the report.

For example, if you have a campaign that sent in February and did not generate any statistics in March, when you create a performance report for March, this campaign will not be shown in the report.

In contrast, if you have a campaign that sent in February and did generate statistics in March, this campaign will be visible in the report.

Once your report has been successfully created, you will see a notification in the Voyage platform as well as receive an email notifying you that the report is ready to be downloaded.

What metrics are included in a performance report?

The following metrics are reported on a campaign level:

- Campaign type (One-time, Drip, List Building)

- Send date

- Number of sends

- Number of SMS segments

- Number of MMS segments

- Total revenue generated by the campaign

- Total cost of the campaign


- Link clicks

- CTR (Click through rate)

- Unique link clicks

- Unique CTR

- Purchases

- CVR (Conversion rate)

- Unsubscribes

- New subscribers

- Impressions (modals only)

- Modal clicks (modals only)

- Modal click % (modals only)

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