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Campaign Calendar
Campaign Calendar
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Get a clear overview of all your upcoming SMS campaigns in a calendar format and mark key dates to stay on top of scheduling important campaigns.

What is the Campaign Calendar?

The Campaign Calendar provides you with an overview of all your drafted, scheduled, and sent campaigns in a calendar format.

It also gives you the opportunity to add events and mark key dates in the calendar so that you can stay on top scheduling important campaigns in advance.

Where can I find the Campaign Calendar?

You can find the Campaign Calendar either in your Dashboard or by clicking the Calendar view icon in the Campaigns section of the platform.

Campaign Calendar

How can I add events to the Campaign Calendar?

To add an event, simply hover over a date in the calendar and click on the "Add Event" icon, where you can then name your event and select its date.

What are Optimal Send days?

You might see that some days in your calendar are marked with an "Optimal Send" tag.

Our team of SMS marketing experts regularly performs a proprietary analysis of the best performing days for sending SMS campaigns and consequently marks these days as "Optimal Send."

These "Optimal Send" tags are meant to be suggestions as to when you should consider scheduling a campaign. For example, you will often seen "Optimal Send" days marked around holidays.

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