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Follow-Up Campaigns
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Create extra sales by targeting subscribers that clicked on a previously sent campaign, but did not make a purchase.

What is a follow-up campaign?

A follow-up campaign enables you to automatically target subscribers that clicked on the link in a previously sent campaign but did not make a purchase.

This is the most effective way to create extra sales since these subscribers already expressed interest in your offer as they clicked on the link in the initial message.

They just need an extra nudge to make a purchase!

How do I create a follow-up campaign?

Every time you schedule a campaign, you will be prompted to create a follow up campaign.

When you click Yes, you will be re-directed to create your follow-up campaign.

The title of the follow-up campaign will automatically be pre-populated, but you can change the name as you wish.

In regards to the audience, Voyage automatically creates a dynamic segment that includes all the subscribers that have clicked on the initial campaign, but did not make a purchase.

This segment is automatically selected and cannot be changed since it is specifically created for the purpose of a follow-up campaign.

On the next page, you can edit the message that will be sent in the follow-up campaign. The message composer will automatically be pre-populated with a template that you can use to help craft your message.

After you create your message, you will proceed to the final step where you will be able to review the follow-up campaign and schedule the send date and time.

The default scheduled date is set to the next day after the date of the initial campaign.

Based on performance data, Voyage recommends sending follow-up campaigns 24-48 hours after the initial campaign.

Can I edit a follow-up campaign once created? What about cancelling it?

Yes. The follow-up campaign exists as its own campaign, so you can always edit the campaign or choose to cancel it.

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