Manual Subscriber Import
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If you have an existing list of SMS subscribers built with another SMS service in a compliant manner, we are able to import this list of subscribers to Voyage.

Please contact your Voyage Account Manager or [email protected] to do so.

Because we use short codes that are legally approved for mass marketing use cases, we are very sensitive to compliance and how phone numbers are opted-in.

We do manual imports on the back end to strictly confirm phone numbers were compliantly subscribed.

This is to protect brands and eliminate any liability for penalties they may incur by the TCPA/other governing bodies for non-compliance.

Other platforms may use 10-digit numbers where restrictions are looser but there are several limitations to 10-digit numbers including maximum throughput (1 msg/second versus 100+ msg/seconds; also 250 msgs per day per number) and unfriendly keyword opt-in flow.

Note: Voyage must have reasonable proof that any imported list of phone numbers reflects subscribers opted-in in a compliant manner according to TCPA, CTIA, CCPA and any other applicable state and federal regulations. This is to protect you, the brand, from any potential fines that could be levied by consumers and/or the aforementioned governing bodies.

Tip: Once a list of subscribers has been imported, the import process itself can be used to segment campaigns. Each import can be named for easier reference in the future.

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