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AB Testing Modals
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AB Testing is a powerful tool that allows you to evaluate and identify the most effective combinations of factors for engaging with your audience. By alternating your copy, design, discount offers and more you can zero in on the very best ways to increase key performance metrics.

In this article we'll go over AB Testing List Building Modals.

Enabling AB Testing for List Building Modals

Within your Voyage account, you'll need to turn on A/B Testing for modals. Your account may have it turned off by default, which means you can only have one modal active at a time.

Navigate to the List Building [1] page, then look for the A/B Testing switch [2]. Clicking on that will allow you to run multiple, simultaneous list building campaigns:


Creating Two Modals to Test

The easiest way to begin is to create one List Building Modal fully. We have a full article on how to build your first modal here.

Once that is in place, you can simply open the three dots menu [1] to clone that modal [2] and make your AB Test changes to the clone as well as update the campaign ID. As you can see, we've done that here and named them appropriately [3]:


Unlike with AB Testing on Campaigns, you don't need to select two different group segments. The Voyage system will automatically show all your active List Building modals equally.

Some of the things you can modify in your AB Test include:

  • Modal copy

  • Modal % offers

  • Modal Image

  • Time settings

  • Form fields

Achieving Statistical Significance

In any AB Test or other observation that draws a sample from a population, there is always a possibility that what is observed could have occurred due to sampling error. This is why you want a significantly large pool of population in all your AB Tests. We have an article on Statistical Significance here, that includes a link to a chi-square calculator. Put in your numbers so you can know in advance how many responses you need to make a sound decision when reviewing the results of your AB Test.

Reviewing Results & Next Steps

On the List Building page [1] you can view your subscriptions, clicks, purchases, and revenue [2] to see which List Building modals are performing the best according to your goals. Again, once you have a large enough sample set, you can simply turn off those modals [3] that are under performing. This is how you refine your List Building techniques to maximize returns with AB Testing:


If you have any additional questions please contact us at [email protected].

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