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Out of Stock Logic
Out of Stock Logic
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Our logic ensures that your subscribers only receive links to products that are in stock in your store.

How does it work?

One of the last things we want is subscribers receiving links to products that are out of stock.

To avoid this, our out of stock logic applies to all Drips that utilize the Dynamic Product variable.

Remember: The Dynamic Product variable is only available for Drips with the trigger Voyage --> viewed product

When a message in a Drip flow contains a Dynamic Product variable, we automatically check the availability status of the product before sending the message.

If the status of the product is not marked as “out_of_stock”, we will send the message with the Dynamic Product link.

If the status of the product is marked as “out_of_stock”, we will re-direct the Dynamic Product link to the previous product that the subscriber viewed in the past 24 hours.

If there is no previously viewed product within the past 24 hours or the previously viewed product is also marked as “out_of_stock”, then we will skip this message in the Drip flow.

If this is the case and the Dynamic Product link is in the first message of the Drip flow, we will pause the entire Drip flow.

Important: The Dynamic Product variable only works with single-variant products. If the product contains multiples variants (e.g. size S, size M, size L), the subscriber will always be directed to the Product Detail Page (PDP) instead of checkout regardless of whether the product is in or out of stock.

What happens when a product is back in stock?

When the availability status of a product is no longer marked as “out_of_stock”, then the message in the Drip flow will send normally.

If the Dynamic Product link is in the first message of the Drip flow, then the entire flow will be resumed.

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