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Voyage Purchase Attribution Model
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This articles describe the Voyage attribution model and how Voyage approaches revenue attribution tracking.

The Voyage approach to attribution

Voyage has a sophisticated approach to matching users using local storage tokens. We have developed a comprehensive algorithm to match users based on phone number, email, cart, eCommerce platform (i.e., Shopify, Big Commerce, etc.) login and other identity information.

By using this approach, Voyage is able to detect:

  • Users who see a message then go to the eCommerce store on another device

  • User clicks on a message but completes checkout on another device

  • Users who clear their cache

  • Users with active adblockers

Instances where Voyage may not receive user events and purchases include:

  • Offline conversions (Retail, Phone)

  • Users who use different phone numbers or emails at checkout

  • Users who aren't logged into your ecommerce site

  • Users that cannot be linked through e-mail (only phone number)

Voyage always provide detailed purchase logs that reconcile with 1x revenue attribution shown on your client dashboard.

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