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Voyage Dual-Tap Anywhere
Voyage Dual-Tap Anywhere
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Make it easy for your customers to get connected with your brand. Voyage Dual-Tap Anywhere (formerly known as the Embeddable button) is used for two click opt-ins. The first click will automatically open a new SMS message with an opt-in message populated. When the customer hits send they are opted in, and will receive the welcome flow.

Naturally, this code will only work for mobile device users. Desktop users won't have access to SMS capabilities.

Note: Please ensure the Voyage Global Tag is installed to use this list building method.

Start by navigating to List Building in the main menu [1], then click New Listing Building Campaign in the top right corner [2]:


On the next page select Voyage Dual-Tap Anywhere campaign type [1], give your campaign a name [2] and click Next [3]:


Populate all the required fields under Customer Opt-in and Welcome Message. You can read more about the message composer and about list building campaigns in general. When you are done, click on Next to continue to the Embedded Button code.

On the code page, you can click on Copy to Clipboard [1] to easily grab the code. Once you do paste it, be sure to alter the "voyage-cta" ID placeholder [2] as needed, and enter appropriate button text here [3], making sure to remove the brackets:


Note that there are two parts to the Dual-Tap Anywhere code. The Step 1 code is to be placed in context, where you want the link or button to appear. The Step 2 code is a small script that is to be placed at the bottom of your page's


Click Done at the very bottom of the page to save your campaign. Remember, this campaign is not active until you turn it on from the main List Building page:


Note: if you alter the opt-in message in the opt-in flow at a later time, you must also update the string in the embeddable button code on your website!

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