API Opt-in

Here we will show you how to programmatically opt-in a phone number as subscriber via our API.




Creating an API Opt-in Campaign

Refer to our List Building Overview to learn more about creating a campaign generally. 

For each account, there will always be one preloaded API Opt In campaign, by default.  You will need to toggle it on for usage.


Getting a Campaign ID

Save your API List Building campaign as a draft, then edit it again to see the assigned CampaignID. You'll need this value for use in the API request. It can be found in the URL after "list-building" or when editing the modal, under the Design tab you can click on Edit Source Code:


Note: Double Opt-in is required for compliance.

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API Opt-in Implementation Specifications

Technical details associated with making the API request are as follows. You can also see an example in the section Using JavaScript below.

POST: /api/v2/subscriber

Host: vyg.mobi

Accept: application/json

Content-Type: application/json

Body/Payload: Replace the campaignId value in this code with your Campaign ID, and ensure phone numbers are properly formatted with a + and the country code according to E.164 format:


"phoneNumber": "+15134XXXXXX‬",
"campaignId": <CAMPAIGN_ID>


subscriberId: 99999,
state: "Subscribed",

Example Payload with Optional Attributes

"phoneNumber": "+15555555555",
"campaignId": 1234,
"attributes": {
"email": "my@domain.com"

Expected response codes:

200 = Already a subscribe and can receive messages

201 = Have signed up successfully, and ready to receive messages.

202 = Have signed up successfully, but waiting for a double optin confirmation until fully subscribed and can receive messaging.

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JavaScript and cURL Examples


const data = {
phoneNumber: "+15134XXXXXX‬",
campaignId: <CAMPAIGN_ID>

fetch('https://vyg.mobi/api/v2/subscriber', {
method: 'POST',
headers: {
'Accept': 'application/json',
'Content-Type': 'application/json',
body: JSON.stringify(data)
.then(response => response.json())
.then(data => {
console.log('Success:', data);
// Success: { subscriberId: 00000, state: "Subscribed" }
.catch((error) => {
console.error('Error:', error);
// Error: "Bad Request: Must be a US number starting with +1"

Note: CORS-supported to allow all origins.


curl --location --request POST 'https://vyg.mobi/api/v2/subscriber' \
--header 'Accept: application/json' \
--header 'Content-Type: application/json' \
--data-raw '{ "phoneNumber": "+15134XXXXXX‬","campaignId": <CAMPAIGN_ID> }'


Already Subscribed Messages are never sent via API Opt-In to prevent people who are already subscribed from receiving messages. This is for spam prevention and to allow bulk import of numbers via API.

As a standard approach we recommend returning an Already Subscribed message or Subscribed Successfully based on the API call response.

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If you have any additional questions please contact us at service@voyagesms.com.