Fuzzy Opt-Out
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Enhanced opt-out logic to ensure that subscribers are correctly opted-out.

Normal Opt-Out Behavior

A subscriber will be automatically opted-out of your SMS program if they send a one-word text message with any of the following keywords (non-case sensitive):

  • stop

  • unsubscribe

  • cancel

  • stopall

  • end

  • quit

Fuzzy Opt-Out Behavior

Fuzzy opt-out takes into consideration the keywords mentioned above when they are used in a sentence.

For example, a subscriber might send the following message: "Please stop messaging me"

Rather than automatically opting-out the user, our fuzzy opt-out logic will detect the keyword "stop" and automatically send the following reply to the subscriber:

โ€œIt appears that you may want to opt-out. Please text STOP to confirm, otherwise ignore this message.โ€

While the message in the previous example contains clear opt-out intent, this is often not the case.

For example, a subscriber might send a message along the lines: "Please cancel my order!"

Without fuzzy opt-out logic, this subscriber would be opted-out since their message contains the keyword "cancel". However, with our smart fuzzy opt-out logic, the subscriber will receive the reply indicated above to ensure that there are no misunderstandings.

The challenge with any sort of fuzzy logic is to not inadvertently unsubscribe someone who does not have that intention and this feature ensures that does not happen.

Tip: To have an unsubscribed user re-start the campaign, and join your SMS list again, they must use the keyword: UNSTOP.

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