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Leverage advanced personalization on every customer touchpoint with Justuno's modal messaging in combination with Voyage's scalable SMS capabilities.

Note: Prior to setting up this integration, you will first need to create a "Voyage Dual-Tap Anywhere" type List Building campaign in the Voyage app.

Edit Promotion Template Design

To follow along in this article, you'll need to already have an active Justuno account created, and it should already be integrated with whatever platforms you sell on.

Within Justuno, go to the Promotion main menu item [1], and find the Promotion you wish to edit. Click on Options [2] to expand the menu, and select Edit Design [3]:


Click on Layers [1] to expand that sub menu, and delete any existing call to action button layers or form field layers [2] that you'd like to replace:


Next, expand the Add Layer sub menu [1] and click on the SMS Text Message option [2]. You'll be able to position and design your new SMS button to suit your design [3]. Paste in your Voyage SMS long code or short code number [4], then also place in the Opt-in message from your Voyage Dual-Tap Anywhere List Building campaign [5]. When you are all done, click Publish [6]:


Use Custom Code

Alternatively, you can create a promotion from scratch within Justuno using Voyage's Dual Tap Anywhere code or Voyage Deep Link.

As you are going through Justuno's custom promotion wizard make these selections:

  1. Mobile (as opposed to Desktop & Tablet)

  2. Fullscreen, Centered, or Banner (any will work)

  3. Lead Capture (as opposed to Website Messaging)

  4. Standard (as apposed to Add Intro Screen)

  5. Choose any theme you'd like

  6. Select New Visitors for your audience

  7. Save the promotion, and Edit via Design Canvas

You'll want to go back to their Edit Design interface as described above (Promotions main menu > Options > Edit Design).

In the top right corner, click on Custom Code:


Click on the Pop Up JS tab [1], then turn on the Override Default JS switch [2]. Copy and paste the code from the Dual Tap Anywhere Button into the code block.


You may wish to return to the Design Editor to look at the button and customize the look, the style, and the position of the button and other elements.

If you have any additional questions please contact us at [email protected].

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