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Dynamic Single Use Coupon Codes
Dynamic Single Use Coupon Codes
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Simply upload your one-time use coupon code list, and voila: You can use them in all your text messages! This is useful when you don't want to share generic codes with hundreds or thousands of customers. It helps control the discounts you are offering, track specific marketing efforts, and gives customers a better sense of exclusivity.

Follow along in this article where we show you how to get set up.

Navigating to Coupon Codes

Once you're logged into Voyage, click on Settings [1] and then look for the Coupon Codes section [2]. Here is where you'll see all the coupon code lists you've uploaded thus far [3]:


New Coupon Code Group

To begin uploading a new coupon list, click on the New Group button:


You'll want to give a concise name to this group (without spaces) or one that is specifically associated with a marketing effort [1]. This name will become the dynamic variable name used elsewhere in the system to refer to this coupon code list. Provide a more detailed description here [2]. You have the option to start providing a generic code if your unique codes run out [3]. If you do select that option, provide the fallback discount code [4]. You can download a sample CSV template, but the format is very simple. Just name the first column header "name" and populate that column with your codes. When ready, upload your file [5] and click Create [6]:


Using Coupon Codes in Messages

Now for example, if you wanted to use these discounts in a one-time Campaign, you can do so during message creation. When typing your message, you can either use double curly brackets [1] or click on the Dynamic Variables menu [2] to access the Coupon option [3]. You'll see your available coupons listed there [4]:


These coupon codes can even be used in URLs, or anywhere else Dynamic Variables are accepted.

Creating a Bulk List of Discount Codes - Shopify

There are many apps in the Shopify marketplace that will do this for you. We have no preferences, but here are three examples:

If these three options become unavailable in the future, simply perform a search to find a replacement.

If you have any additional questions please contact us at [email protected].

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