Onboarding at Voyage SMS
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Welcome to Voyage! Onboarding here at Voyage has four straight-forward steps: Request your pop-up modal, install the Voyage global tag, integrate with other platforms and finally connect with us for a quick chat. They don't necessarily need to be completed in that order, but they all do need to be completed. Look for communication from your Customer Success Rep or the service team for assistance with these.

  1. Pop-Up (modal) Design:
    As a free service, our expert design team will create your SMS modal with your brand and design guidelines. To assist us in the creation of your modals, please submit your request through this link. You will be prompted for several pieces of information, including copy for your modal as well as a graphic should you wish to include it.

  2. Go Live - contact your client success team to schedule a Go Live Meeting or email us at [email protected].

Your client success team is available during normal business hours (Pacific Time) to guide you on best practices and assist you with your needs.

Tip: We also have more in-depth best practices for getting started with Voyage over in our Quick Start Guide. Take a look!

*Note: If you are migrating from another platform, please ask your previous SMS platform to provide you with a CSV of all of your SMS subscribers. Send this list to [email protected]. In order to follow best compliance practices, Voyage will upload these subscribers to our database.

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If you have any additional questions please contact us at [email protected].

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