ReCharge is the leading subscription payments platform for merchants on Shopify and other eCommerce platforms. You can segment users by ReCharge attributes (e.g., active subscriber subscriptions). Revenue attribution is also tracked in Voyage app.

ReCharge + Voyage

Connecting ReCharge to Voyage

Get API Token and Client Secret

Once you have the ReCharge application installed and configured in your Shopify Store, you must create an API Token following these steps:

  • Go to your ReCharge application within the Shopify store.


  • Go to the "Integrations" tab.


  • Click on the "API tokens..." link (Note: If this link is not shown, you should contact ReCharge support).

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  • Click the "Create an API token" button.

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  • Complete all mandatory fields and select, at least, the following permissions:

    • Orders (Read and Write)
    • Subscriptions (Read and Write)
    • Customers (Read and Write)
    • Store Information (Read)
  • Once the API token is created, it will be displayed on the API tokens page.

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The value displayed in the API key column is the token required for the Voyage dashboard.

  • Click on the token name.

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The value in the "API Client Secret" field is the second token needed to integrate Recharge with Voyage.

Integrate ReCharge to Voyage

Once you obtain the API token and the Client secret value, you will need to create the integration in the Voyage app. This can be done by going to the "Integrations" section and clicking on the "Activate" button for the ReCharge Integration block.

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  • The system will require the API Token and Client Secret values. Once entered, click on NEXT button. It will display a message that the Integration was successful completed. Click the "DONE" button.

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  • You will be redirected to the "Integrations" page. The ReCharge integration will now be shown as Active and Connected.

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Using the ReCharge integration

Create Segments from Voyage attributes

When the ReCharge integration with Voyage is completed, Voyage will automatically pull ReCharge customer data and match to customers in the Voyage database based on phone number. Based on this synced data, you will be able to create new segments in the Voyage segment builder.

ReCharge segment attributes are as follows:

"became customer" - this is based on the date that the customer was registered in ReCharge.

"number of active subscriptions" - this is based on how many subscriptions the customer has active.

"number of subscriptions" - this is based on how many subscriptions (active or inactive) the customer has.

"subscription status" - this is based on the status of the customer, currently active and inactive.

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How Voyage syncs ReCharge data

Voyage will continue to sync ReCharge customer and event data every 15 minutes.

Phone number is not required in the ReCharge checkout flow; however, if it is not there, Voyage will only be able to sync data for consumers where a Voyage local storage token is installed (e.g., visiting your eCommerce site and going through the ReCharge flow off a Voyage marketing campaign link).

If you would like to have an opt-in opportunity at checkout for ReCharge customers, please contact us at