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Click To Buy
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Reduce friction for your customers and take them directly the checkout they need with a Click To Buy link. We'll show you how to set up a one-time Campaign that uses Click to Buy.

Note: dynamic click to buy is different from the standard click to buy we are showing in this article. Dynamic click to buy alters the link based on the customer's recent behavior, while the normal click to buy always sends them to the same link you specify when composing a message.

To begin, we need to create or edit a one-item campaign. Read this article for an overview of Campaigns, generally. First navigate to the Campaigns main menu [1] in the Voyage web app and click on Create One-Time Campaign [2]:


Give your campaign an appropriate name [1], make any audience adjustments [2], then click Next [3]:


On the Create Message screen you'll see a text composer window. Draft your message and look for the little dollar sign icon, which is the Click to Buy button [1]. Clicking on it will expand a product button [2] you can hover over to display all the available products [3]. Hovering over a product will let you select a product variant [4], and doing so will paste a link to that product page in your message [5]. When you are done, click on Next [6]:


On the next screen, you'll see confirmation fields and the ability to schedule your mission for sending. Click Schedule in the lower right corner, and you are all set! Your customers will be able to quickly access exactly what they need to take advantage of your promotions.

If you have any additional questions please contact us at [email protected].

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