One-Time Campaign - User Guide

Campaigns are one-time marketing outreaches sent when you want to engage your customers at a specific time period for a specific purpose, such as an event, promotion, sale, or new launch.

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Identify the most important upcoming marketing events. One-time campaigns can be used to continue engagement and drive revenue.

Use Cases

  • Promotional discounts
  • Product launches
  • Restocking events
  • Event updates
  • Brand marketing

Setup has 3 steps: define campaign, compose message and scheduling.

The Dashboard

Useful Icons

Description Icon
Edit campaign
Preview campaign
Archive campaign (for drafts only)
Cancel (for scheduled only)










  • The top bar of the dashboard contains a summary of the total performance of all campaigns within the date range selected.

  • The button will export your metrics to a CSV file, according to the date range selection. 
  • The table contains campaign level metrics and tabs for scheduled, sent and draft campaigns

Read more details and definitions on Data and Analytics


Create a One-Time Campaign

Caution: if you'd like to Save as Draft, exit and return to your campaign edit you will have to re-enter the audience and scheduled time initially selected

  1. Click the create one-time campaign icon from the dashboard .
  2. Name your campaign and select an audience.
    Audience Description
    All Subscribers Selects all your subscribers that have subscribed from any list building campaign
    Keyword Select and use drop down to select title of specific keyword campaign(s)
    Source Select and use drop down to select title of specific list building campaign(s)
    Segments Select and use drop down to select title of specific segment(s) or click the icon to create a new segment for this campaign and future campaigns
  3. Click Next. Create your message with a CTA. Add imagers/GIFs and enter your link.

    Note: typically you should always include a CTA to a web link.

  4. Click the Next button to review and schedule. Enter a schedule time.

    Field Description
    Time first available
    • The first available time is auto-selected. Use the drop down to select your time in the PST time zone.
    • The TCPA stipulates that message can only be sent between 8am and 9pm, in the time zone of the recipient. Adjust for other time zones. 
    # of eligible subscribers Displays the number of subscribers elected based on the audience selected
    Throttling Throttling allows messages to be sent in batches per hour is useful for large message volume sends to a large number of subscribers (70,000 to over 100,000)
    Send test Allows you to send a test message to a phone of your choice
  5. Click the Schedule button. Your campaign is now scheduled for the time selected.


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